“Kollabieren” “collapsify”
Ela Aloisia Sattler

Collapsify is a basic tool to make the page you are seeing collapse.
Like many other tools online it serves a purpose. In this case its the mere thought of the collapse of a world surrounding us.

Ela Aloisia Sattler is a south-styrian multimedia-artist working on identities that surround us.
She studied at University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the class of Johanna Kandl, Thomas Zipp and Henning Bohl. During her studies she changed her surrounding many times to study the affect on herself. She experienced different realities living in Olympia (WA, USA), Oslo, Lissabon, Cairo, Tel Aviv and Bukarest.
Those different realities give her the opportunity to encounter different Surroundings for her work. Every new surrounding brings meaning to reality and the rules applying to a being.