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RIGRIVIS is a new online platform to show and sell digital and virtual Artworks. RIGRIVIS stands for Rina Grinn Virtual Space. Our goal is to raise the value of digital art and support of virtual art in the vast field of the art market. Creating a base is the first step but as it is an work in progress project, our goal is also to feature publications related to the topic of, web based art, art related e-commerce and creative programming.
Another part of RIGRIVIS is the cooperation with initiatives working in similar fields to create a network for our artists, clients and followers, to expand their knowledge and create new connections for further development.
The exhibited Artworks are uploaded on a sub domain of the web site (www.rigrivis.com) or linked via I Frame on to the page for presentation. We will feature Virtual exhibitions 3 times a year accompanied by events on different locations. More Information about this next launch are coming soon!

Information about the current and upcoming launch/event.
Current Event:
RIGRIVIS launch in space
09.02 – 04.03.2017
Aa Collections, Burggasse 68, A-1070 Vienna

The Team

Rina Grinn creative director artist and gallerist, leading since 7 years the Aa Collections gallery.
Laurus Edelbacher technical development works as Digital Artist and Programmer.
Georgij Melnikov assisting creative director works as artist and curator.
If you wish to purchase a work or get more information about our Project please contact us here>>>