Laurus Edelbacher

Defenestrate is a net based work made with content from Google Images and YouTube, in which the computer interface metaphor of the window is confronted with its real counterpart. It is important for me to become aware of what we are seeing, not just the closed off windows, but also the frame that contains / isolates them. As a reference I thought about windows which can’t be opened anymore, where you can’t interact with the outside and change the way you see it. Just like the frames on our digital devices, their interface, only allows us to see the surface not whats beneath it. Defenestrate break through this barricade, as if you are throwing something out of a window.
! allow pop up windows for full experience of the work.

Laurus Edelbacher

└ sculptor ┼ new media artist ¬
└ live & work ┴ vienna — internet ¬
┌ reseach ┴ explore ┴ destruct ┴ re/build ┼ translate — PLAY//■ ┘