Stefanie Koscher

SDK1 channeling Toni Basil in muted coverversion of Bruce Conner’s Breakaway. Steffko - Die Kunst #1 (SDK1) is an virtual performative artificial persona created by Stefanie Koscher. As an alienated reflection of the human psyche being exposed to the web 2.0 the main interest of Steffko – Die Kunst #1 lies in topics such as online performance, internet as a stage, virtual personality, virtual image and virtual self-presentation.

Stefanie Koscher Carinthian born theater-, film- and mediastudies major, director, musician, autodidact transmedial artist currently living in Vienna. Assisted in theaters such as The Public NYC, Staatsoper unter den Linden Berlin, Burgtheater Vienna, Bushwick Starr Brooklyn, working for Andrea Breth, the Nature Theater of Oklahoma, the Elevator Repair Service NYC amongst others. Whilst living in NYC she performed and exhibited at PS122, Museo el Barrio NYC, Bushwick Open Studios Open Space Brooklyn, Envoy Art Space in addition to developing a virtual performative persona called Steffko - Die Kunst #1 (short: #SDK1), who is protagonist of most of her digital and live performance work.