TRIANGLED – Workdescription
Vera Sebert

A full screen surface full of half-transparent triangles over that same image of triangles in the background, is generating a visual stimulus satiation. Irritation and reorientation are tempting the user to scan the virtual surface with the mouse by which the surface shows its haptic character and offers a purely sensuous access to digital information.

Vera Sebert

*1987, Germany

2007 - 2015 Fine Arts at Braunschweig University of Arts and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Final Degree Meisterschülerin.

2012 - 2014 sponsored exhibition-projects 'Nacht und Schimmel' and 'Panorama Panik Botany'

2013 first Filmproject 'Queen of the Night'

2014 publishing of the artist book 'Motte Quitte Quintessenz'

2015 DAAD Scolarship Erasmus+ for Graduates

2015 Language Arts at University of Applied Arts Vienna

2016 Publishing first art-websites

2017 Artist Residency at Schöppingen

2009 – 2017 ceveral exhibitions and filmscreenings in Mexico, South America and Europe...